Irene A.

Thank you so much Minister Helen, I really enjoy your phone calls, your encouraging text messages, scriptures and thank God for just being able to hear your anointed voice.  You are so unique and humble. Thanks for your honesty, I love how you minister to me and never sugar coat anything. Your character and how you let God use you is so Amazing.  I always wanna hear what God has to say not just what makes me feel good, and when you are talking and praying for me you always back it up with the Word and that’s what I need. I love your Spirit. When I’m with you, we have lots of fun talking about the goodness of Jesus. you make me Smile. Thanks for being so straightforward, honest and sincere saying what’s right according to the Word of God, and not being dishonest worrying about how I will feel, but wanting my actions to be right and lined up by the Word of God. Thanks so much for being my All Around Help!

Johnna Tyler Davis

Daughters of Divine Power Women’s Ministry led by Minister Helen Payne has been ordained for such a time as to manifest the Kingdom of God in the Earth. Join this Ministry and Watch your life change.

Shelly Shelton

Daughters of Divine Power is an AMAZING WOMEN’S MINISTRY! If you are in need of an Amazing Woman of God speaking into your life, speaking encouragement and wisdom…. HELEN PAYNE OF DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE POWER will help you overcome by removing the makeup to hide your pain.

Cheryl Sims

You don’t know my story..this beautiful lady taught us this powerful lesson yesterday at the Aspiring Speakers  not all broken on the inside…tell your story and be set free…your testimony may also set someone else free….God did it for her and he can do it for you…to God be the glory…bless you Minister Helen Payne.

Janice L. Randolph

Minister Helen…..this is great….you did a good job on the website….to God be the Glory.

Diane McKnight

Wonderful page. May God continue to bless you as you work in His kingdom.

Patrice Kelley

Mommee, I am very proud of you and so excited about ALL that GOD is doing through you! Thank you for being the example of a Godly Woman in my life…Love you 🙂

Minister Hazel

Minister Helen’s class has enriched my life. She is a great woman of God that allows u to get your message and your testimony to mean something. She is so ahead of her work and she inspires me to keep moving forward in all that god calls us to be. Love u!

Rita Morris

The Winter Wonderland Gala; “I CAN DO CAN DO THIS” It was very amazing. l really enjoyed it and I have talked to other ladies so they don’t miss out when you have it again. For that Mrs.H.Payne I say thank you so much and have a bless day

Mary L. Fleming

Minister Payne your ministry has really inspired me that in life we can look back and give God all the thanks. When we are happy, we should praise God, Difficult moments, we should seek God, Painful moments, trust God, and Every moment, just give God all the glory.


I couldn’t believe after all these years I still had an issue with fitting in.  I was not going to let this stop me.  I said I am just going to be myself..  I went to the retreat and had a great time.  I was dealing with a lot of stress with my job.  My boss found out she had cancer.  I cried and just wanted to fix it.  I could not fix it.  Every day I would come to work and watch her fall apart.  It was hard.  I prayed about it.  Lord just fix it.  I can’t do it.  You Lord have to do it.  It was tearing me up on the inside.  When I got to the retreat I was a mess inside.  I learned that I can’t fix the things in my life.  I have to give it All to God so He can fix it.


The women’s retreat was right on time and what we needed.  I can say without the shadow of a doubt that we have all taken our masks off.  Since we have taken off our masks we do not allow others to block our praise, we see situations differently and we are still seeking more from God.  Thank you

Millicent Jackson

What a wonderful time we had this weekend.  Daughters of Divine Power Retreat in Williamsburg VA.  Chains were broken…healing & deliverance manifested.  What a mighty move of God!