About Helen

"Helen Payne is a woman of God with people in the center of her heart. She is motivated to bring healing and deliverance into the lives of women who’ve been broken and abused."

Minister Helen Payne

Minister Helen received her license to proclaim the Gospel and administer the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper on April 27, 2012 by Prophetess Karen E. Harden, Pastor of Life Changing Ministries International.

As a Minister of the Gospel, Helen Payne is well-versed in the the artful soul therapy of reflection, motivation and inspiration to help you capture God’s vision of you!

She is a seasoned speaker on women’s empowerment, the accomplished author of the recently released book, Beyond Just Existing, and the creator of a powerful 31-day affirmation card series, Become a Better You.


This ministry is on the move!

Helen Payne is a woman of God with people in the center of her heart. She is motivated to bring healing and deliverance into the lives of women who’ve been broken and abused. She is compassionate with a single heart and vision toward God.

The ministry is uplifting, with one of its sole purposes to show women their true value, allowing them to be who God has called them to be and to see themselves as beautiful.

God is using this ministry to transform broken women into “Beauty from Ashes!”


You Remind me of the goodness of Jesus!

Thank you so much, Helen! I really enjoy our phone calls together, and your encouraging text messages, replete with the words of God. You always remind of the goodness of Jesus by the gift of your anointed voice. And I am delighted by your constant encouraging smile.

Your character and your willingness to have God use you for His great work is beyond amazing! I am loving your Spirit, your uniqueness and your humility.


Watch Your Life Change...

The Daughters of Divine Power Women’s Ministry led by Helen has been ordained for such a time as to manifest the Kingdom of God in the Earth. Join this Ministry and Watch your life change.


An Amazing Women's Ministry!

The Daughters of Divine Power is an AMAZING WOMEN’S MINISTRY! If you are ever in need of an amazing woman of God speaking into your life, speaking encouragement and wisdom…. Helen can help you break through by washing away all the fancy make-up that hides your pain.


Tell Your Story... and Be Set Free!

Helen inspired me to remember this powerful lesson: tell your story and be set free!

Wash away all the fancy make-up that covers your pain. And you never know… your story may be the testimony someone else needs to transform their lives. Thank you, Helen.


Enriching & Inspiring...

Minister Helen’s work has enriched my life. She is a great woman of God that allows you to get your message and your testimony to mean something.

She is so ahead of her work and she inspires me to keep moving forward in all that god calls us to be. Love u!


A Beautiful Ministry Experience!

The Winter Wonderland Gala, “I Can Do This!” was AMAZING! I had been telling all my lady friends about it so they don’t miss out the next time!

Thank you, Helen! Thank you so much for this opportunity.


To God Be All the Glory!

Your ministry has really inspired me that, in life, we can look back and give God all the thanks.

During times of happiness, we should praise God. Upon difficult moments, we should seek God. And in painful moments, we should trust God.

To God be all the glory!


Our Gallery

Helen is a seasoned women’s empowerment speaker and has participated in various speaking engagements. She also produces a series of workshops and retreats for her local women’s community in FIFE, Virginia.

coaching calls

Purpose rediscovery calls

Helen works with women who has long been estranged from their life purpose. Through her purpose rediscovery calls, Helen guides you through the process of remembering and reconnecting to the true vision of you.

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