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 From Passion 
 to Purpose 

Turn your inner journey of self-doubt
to an adventure of self-discovery

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    Discover how you can live a life of passion and purpose EVEN IF you don't know what your passions and purpose could be! 
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    Learn how to unwrap yourself from the brokenness of past mistakes and failures and untangle yourself from your present fears and self-doubts. 
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    And unbury your inner compass so you can find your way to your inner well of energy, vitality, motivation and productivity! 

Hello my Lady Queens! My name is Helen... For Spring of 2019, I am putting together a group of women for a 7-week online experience that will take you through the 7 steps to reigniting your passions, rediscovering your purpose, and aligning with God's vision of THE PERFECT YOU!  And I would love to have you and your magnificent self join us! 

what's in this MasterClass

Over the course of seven weeks, I'll take you through a series of mindset shifts, breakthrough reflections and transformative exercises to point you back to your inner compass, help you find your way to where you left your dreams and goals, and safeguard your sense of direction moving forward... even if you don't even know what your passions and purpose could be, or you do but you lost your drive and motivation along the way and have eased yourself to a routine of distractions and , or worst, if you feel like God can't use you anymore because of your past mistakes and failures.

Module #1

 The Girl Who Dreamed 
 the Keeper Of Your Passions 

In module#1, we take you to a place of remembering where we reconnect with  that girl in you that you placed on hold.  She’s that past version of you before all the responsibilities, all the duties, all the demands and all the expectations of marriage, of motherhood, and of life. That girl is the girl who holds your passions.  And she is that girl who had the courage to dream! 

Module #2

 The Woman Who Dared! 
 The Keeper Of Your Purpose 

In module #2, we introduce you to a powerful woman you have yet to know... the woman who dared! She is that future version of you who is wiser and more experienced. She is more defiant against bigger and more sinister odds, and yet she is ever more flexible than she ever were. She is the keeper of your purpose.  And she is the YOU who had the courage to do!

Module #3

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In module #3, we take you to a place of quiet... in prayer. In your journey towards passion and purpose, you will be tempted towards action, ANY ACTION, even if it doesn't necessarily have any direction. Frantic action disconnects you from inspiration, guidance and insight. It stops you from seeing all the remarkable coincidences that only comes from divine intervention. This module will teach you  how to create a sacred space  where you can withdraw and find reprieve whenever you feel overwhelmed, confused or lost in the process of your becoming. 

Module #4

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In module #4, we step  from within to without  by clearing our mind and  opening up to the necessary practical knowledge  in order for you to achieve your vision of a passionate and purposeful life. This is a week for reading and listening, for researching and investigating. and for sorting, filtering and grounding viable ideas. 

Module #5

 the power of  

In module #5, we take you from the broad spectrum of learning new things that contributes to the achievement of your highest purpose and into a  narrow, but highly targeted plan of action  for the weeks to come. This module embraces the practical aspects of project planning and calendar management. 

Module #6

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In module #6, we hold your hand through the first week of executing on your calendar and project plans. I know that many woman start most of everything off with the implementation phase because  activity is highly addictive.  Randomly doing things gives you a temporary high, a false feeling of productivity and purpose, when in fact, you’re just going around in circles. This module explores  key productivity strategies and breakthrough habits  that will sustain you through the constantly changing pace of everyday life.

Module #7

 the power of  

In module #7, you will learn to ask empowering questions that you keep moving well after the first surge of energy that naturally comes with starting anything new dissipates. How many dreams are left unrealized because we naturally tend to lose energy, focus, clarity and enthusiasm a quarter of the way through? This module not only helps put you in a position where you are able to do course-corrections as you move along your unique creative process, but it helps sustain an unfaltering love for the transformation journey by giving you an opportunity to celebrate the many tiny, but compounding wins you achieve.

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From Passion to Purpose: 7 Steps to Reigniting Your Passions, Rediscovering Your Purpose and Aligning with God's Vision of the Perfect You!


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