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My work centers around three key life accomplishments: guiding you towards rediscovering your purpose, inspiring and motivating you through the process of transformation, and finally, ultimately, reclaiming your unique brand of freedom.


Through Helen’s Purpose Rediscovery Calls, she has helped many women remember, reconnect and re-engage their purpose and lead more meaningful every day lives.


Helen works with the artful soul therapy of affirmation and reflection through her 31-day affirmation card series helping you to “become a better you.”


Through Helen’s masterful writing of The Freedom Series, she walks us through the many faces of enslavement… and what it takes to truly be free.

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Don’t Miss Your Blessings!

Don’t Miss Your Blessings!

“Rejoice and look up as your blessings come down. God is working in you, around you and through you. Change your focus. ” – Elder Helen Payne One day I was sitting at the hairdresser, and I looked up and noticed there was a sign that read “Save 5% off your service...

Created To Be Free – Part 2

Created To Be Free – Part 2

“To remain free, you must establish healthy boundaries that keep your mind positive.” – Elder Helen Payne How many times have you thought about going back to the box (that place of false comfort)… Pondering how easy it would be to go back to that old way of thinking....

Created To Be Free – Part 1

Created To Be Free – Part 1

“You and I were created to be FREE: Unique and Amazing” – Elder Helen Payne One morning I woke up and realized I had been living my life in a box, waiting for someone else to take the top off and let me out. I dressed all pretty on the outside with makeup, weave in my...

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Purpose rediscovery calls

Helen works with women who has long been estranged from their life purpose. Through her purpose rediscovery calls, Helen guides you through the process of remembering and reconnecting to the true vision of you.

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