3 reviews for Beyond Just Existing Book

  1. Hpayne03

    I truly loved the inspiring scriptures the author used to bring you closer to the Lord.
    It showed you steps you could take to build a stronger relationship with him.
    The author shared stories that helped her develop a closer walk with the Lord. This book will inspire you to want to seek a stronger relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    – Audrey

  2. Hpayne03

    This book really resonates with me. I like that it offers the opportunity to journal in the book. I like that each chapter is a step of what to do and the illustrations are nice.
    – Maria

  3. Hpayne03

    I like this! It reminds me of certain scripture journals, but this is more in-depth. I love that it’s interactive, too, and I think having a physical copy would be great for people who want to write in the given space.

    I also think this would be good timing-wise; I feel like people (who are religious/spiritual, but also those who aren’t) are so burned out, so the topic of living well, not just existing is very timely.

    As a whole, I think it’s well done!
    – Emily

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