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I’ve heard so much great feedback from the 31-Day “Become a Better You” Affirmation Email Series that we are now releasing it as a Pocket Deck! Thank you, ladies. Here’s to the ever powerful, ever beautiful you!

31 Powerful Verses

The “Become a Better You” Affirmation Deck is your pocket reminder of God’s words of love, comfort and encouragement. It is a series of 31 powerful verses from the Bible as His testament of the beauty, the uniqueness and the power of you!

An Artful Soul Therapy

Created in the image and likeness of God, Him whose “Word became flesh, and dwelt among us,” we have inherited the same power over our words. Experience how the power of your thoughts, beliefs and language patterns shape and determine your life!

Journey to Purpose

More than anything else, this affirmation series is a 31-day journey to rediscovering, re-energizing and re-engaging your life purpose. It is designed to give you a rich, soulful transformative experience towards “becoming a better you.”

Tees for Ladies: A Divine Transformation

SIZE: s, m, l, xl, 1x, 2xx, 3xxx 
COLOR:  black, white, purple
Price: $35.00 + shipping

Tees for Ladies: Domestic Violence

SIZE: s, m, l, xl, 1x, 2xx, 3xxx 
COLOR:  black, white, purple
Price: $35.00 + shipping

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As with many things in my body of work, this blog is a labor of love. It is designed to inspire you, motivate you, and guide you through. If I have accomplished any of the above, please help me spread the word about my work and share!

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Purpose rediscovery calls

Helen works with women who has long been estranged from their life purpose. Through her purpose rediscovery calls, Helen guides you through the process of remembering and reconnecting to the true vision of you.

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