The Freedom Series

In this series, Helen walks us through the many faces of enslavement... and what it takes to truly be free...

Created To Be Free – Part 1

“You and I were created to be FREE: Unique and Amazing” – Elder Helen Payne One morning I woke up and realized I had been living my life in a box, waiting for someone else to take the top off and let me out. I dressed all pretty on the outside with makeup, weave in my...

Created To Be Free – Part 2

“To remain free, you must establish healthy boundaries that keep your mind positive.” – Elder Helen Payne How many times have you thought about going back to the box (that place of false comfort)… Pondering how easy it would be to go back to that old way of thinking....

The Freedom Series – Part 3 – Wherefore Art Thou, Freedom?

“What the world can’t provide, God gives freely without restrain” -Elder Helen Payne In life, we spend most of our time searching for things that bring freedom. From a young age, we are told that life is more meaningful if it is freely lived. However, the world will...

The Freedom Series – Part 4 – Freedom Is A Treasure

“Freedom exists all around us; it can be seen and felt in quality communication, relationships, and creation.” – Elder Helen Payne Did you know that freedom is considered a treasure? It’s been said that the first step to acquiring any treasure, is finding out where to...

The Freedom Series – Part 5 – The Privileges Of Freedom

“We must come to the realization that only in true freedom can we experience the valuable privileges of a new identity and prosperity.” – Elder Helen Payne For what reason do we spend our lives looking for freedom? Is it simply for the sake of being free? Many of us...

The Freedom Series – Part 6 – Freedom Ain’t Free

“The freedom that we’ve been learning about is synonymous with relationship and thereby cannot be paid for by our efforts, items or money” – Elder Helen Payne Everything in life costs something. Whether it’s time, energy, or money; something is always expended to gain...

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Purpose rediscovery calls

Helen works with women who has long been estranged from their life purpose. Through her purpose rediscovery calls, Helen guides you through the process of remembering and reconnecting to the true vision of you.

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